Due to the government’s vision in turning Phuket into an international city, the island has steadily developed itself in the past few years. One aspect of Phuket’s growth is its information technology infrastructure, which has been greatly sponsored by government agencies like NECTEC (Thailand National Electronics and Computer Technology Center), under the Ministry of Science and Technology and SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency), under the Ministry of ICT. Ambitious projects such as the “Phuket Digital Paradise” project, the “Phuket ICT City” project and the “National Flagship: Phuket ICT Innovation Paradise” project help increase the city’s potential in being one of the main ICT hubs in this region. The island once depended solely on tourism, but now completely new business areas like information communication technology and software development have started to emerge. Software Park Phuket (SWPP)’s main goal is to extend those business opportunities to small and medium sized enterprises.


Our confidence in turning Phuket into a software development center is from two main reasons; a rock solid infrastructure and these advantages Phuket has over other areas:

  • Phuket has been promoted as ICT City since 2000. All ICT related infrastructures were developed to serve and improve quality of life for local people and meet the expectation of international travelers. In the past 2 years, more than 8,000 ADSL ports were implemented, as well as CDMA with 2.5 G bases and 2 redundant fiber optic loops all around Phuket together with last-mile copper wire to offer Metrolan with reliable and high speed connection for business and home use.
  • Phuket has an international airport capable of supporting more than 120 flight per day, 5 million travelers per year (2007 statistics).
  • Phuket has 2 internationally renown hospitals; Bangkok-Phuket Hospital and Phuket International Hospitalas well as another 200 bed-sized state hospital which are capable of treating both locals and tourists.
  • Phuket has 2 international schools providing International Baccalaureate (IB) course and other 3 bi-tri schools that cover most important languages. It also has two universities that produce ICT graduates as following:

1. Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Phuket campus. This institute can yearly create 300 well capable Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technologies and Electronic Business graduates from bi-lingual programs.


Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus


2. Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU). This institute can produce 250 Computer Science, Information Technologies, Business Computing, and Computer Education graduates each year.

Phuket Rajabhat University

Phuket Rajabhat University

Both Universities have strong internship programs which provide students with real world experiences in working and create many job opportunities straight out of graduating.