As of now, Phuket’s tourism and service industry creates well over 8 billion Baht of annual income. It is the main source of the islands earnings. In the future, however, it will be difficult to enter and compete in these industries due to the fact that land is getting pricier and harder to find by the day. Students who graduate from tourism industry courses will have to move to other cities to find work, leaving the island with none of the workforce needed to pioneer the island to wealth and prosperity. From the reason mentioned, it is clear that Phuket can no longer depend on its tourism business alone. This is where the software industry comes in.

The software development and information technologies industry is a highly flexible enterprise with no boundaries. Transportation and logistic fees can be cut out, thank to the internet. Furthermore, it is also friendly environment and does not affect tourism. Besides from creating jobs for locals, the software industry will also attract ICT knowledge workers from all around the world to Phuket. Although Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong currently dominate the industry in this region, with enough resources and support, Phuket may one day be able to compete with them.

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